Friday, February 01, 2008

Friends of History meet at Morback House

Group of intelligent looking people discussing Oregon history.
History enthusiasts from around Sherwood met in Morback House today. Representatives from the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, Friends of Champoeg, Oregon City, Tualatin, Tigard, Willamina, Philip Foster Farms, and Parrett Mountain Farm were present. They decided to call themselves "The Friends of History" from now on. It's a new group. Watch for more news soon.


Lilly Morgen said...

It was interesting to meet all those folks and to learn so much about what is going on with the development of historical centers in Oregon! Did you know that last summer someone out on Roy Rogers Road found a piece of Mammoth?? We've gotta find that person and get that thing in our museum! It would be quite exciting to see this artifact! It would be the oldest thing, except for the rocks and dirt, in Sherwood!

sherwoodian said...

Apparently there was some discussion about this artifact at a City Council meeting recently. Of curse, we at the Sherwood Historical Society are so non-political that we didn't hear the conversation. A mammoth tusk from Sherwood soil would be very valuable indeed!

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