Monday, April 27, 2009

Call for Artists!

The Parrett Mountain Farm is pleased to announce a call for artists to participate in the “Impressions of Nature” at The Parrett Mountain Farm-Art in the Woods Event. This project is supported in part by a grant from Yamhill County Cultural Coalition funded by the Oregon Cultural Trust, investing in Oregon’s arts, humanities and heritage.

Contact the Impressions of Nature Committee:
Kari, Elizabeth, or Leann

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lilly and Clyde at the Gas Engines Show

Sherwood Historical Society hill billies Lilly and Clyde staged their annual protest at the Antique Gasoline Engines Show again this year. Of course, like all the other times, their protest fell on deaf ears. "We should do away with all these new fangled contraptions." Lilly explained, "I can't even hear the water falls at Oregon City anymore." Clyde's bluegrass banjo didn't help quiet things down much either.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tualatin Historical Society is Doing Great Things Too!

Thursday, April 23. Noon tomorrow is the deadline to attend "Celebrate Tualatin", the Thursday lunch at Tualatin Country Club with a featured program by Tualatin Historical Society unveiling four new displays on our city's "history makers." The project was supported in part by the Washington County Cultural Alliance using Oregon Cultural Trust funds. The lunch begins at 11:30 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m.
--Larry McClure, President, Tualatin Historical Society

Saturday, April 18, 2009

President Polly says, "Hundreds and Hundreds!"

Hi all,

I wanted to remind you that the Tigard Historical Society is hosting a birthday party for Curtis Tigard. His 100th. The party is Saturday, April 25 from 1 to 4 at the Tigard Library Community Room.

Meanwhile, here at the Sherwood Heritage Center in Sherwood Oregon USA, a lot of desks and furniture was moved around on Wednesday. We didn't get as far as setting up the exhibit, but at least the heavy lifting is done at Smock House. I hope. I'm sure Paul and Steven hope so too. Those old metal box springs are heavy. Not to mention the cast iron stoves. We have relocated the school room to the area formerly used for an office in the Morback House and the office is now in a hall area that formerly housed old tools. The tools have been relocated to our tool shed. As you can imagine there was a lot of "we can't move this until we find a home for this and that has to get out of the way first."

Our next meeting is Monday, April 27 at 3:30 p.m. in the Morback House Museum. Everyone is welcome to attend. Our main agenda item will be discussing the 4th graders. They'll be arriving June 1, June 3, June 5, and June 8. Hundreds and Hundreds.

Polly Blankenbaker

Monday, April 13, 2009

Kids Projects 2009 !

We are looking for High School Students in Grades 9 through 12 to be Camp Counselors for a Week Long History Day Camp.

The Camp runs June 22-26 and meets each day at 8:30 at the Morback House Museum. The first two days include a bus trip up to Parrett Mountain Farm. See Sherwood High School Librarian Mrs. Reynolds for more information.

Summer Day Camp Schedule

June 22-26
2nd-4th Grade—(Session One) 8:30 a.m. to 1:00p.m.
5th-7th Grade—(Session Two) 11:30a.m. to 4:00p.m.
Bring a sack lunch every day!!
$12.00 a day, per session $55.00 for the week. (A savings of $5.00)

The Theme this year is “Time Travel and Live History”
This year, we will start our Time Travel in 1860, just as the Civil War gets going on the Eastern Shores. We will discover how the Civil War influenced our area and how the new settlers in the Oregon Country lived. We will dress like the settlers and cook food like the settlers in our own Pioneer Camp!! Ride the History Mystery Bus to the Parrett Mountain Farm!!!
After Two days on Parrett Mountain, we will meet at the Morback House Museum to time travel again into another time period or two.

History Camp is sponsored by:
Sherwood Historical Society
Parrett Mountain Living History Farm
Washington County Humanities Coalition


"The 4th Graders are coming! The 4th Graders are coming! If you're a member of the Sherwood Historical Society, don't even think of leaving town or June will hunt you down!"

June 1, (Monday): Hopkins School(50 kids) 9:00-10:30
June 1 (Monday): Hopkins (50 kids) 12:15-1:30
June 3 (Wednesday): Hopkins (25 kids) 9:00-10:30 (Easy day)
June 5 (Friday): Middleton School (waves of approx 200 kids) No time as of yet.
June 8 (Monday): Archer Glen School (waves of approx. 180 kids) No time as of yet

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