Thursday, January 25, 2007

Old Sherwood Town Partners

The Sherwood Historical Society hasn't been the only history project in town. Since the Society was established only five years ago, other organizations have flourished. Pictured here is Rebekah Hall on Washington Street in Old Town. It started out as a silent movie theater in the 1920's. A few years ago it had become a dark, cold place where the Methodists had their coffee hour once a week (and still do, in fact, every Saturday morning) and where five ladies met twice a month to discuss the bleak future of their lodge. Today it's a bright warm setting with a reinvigorated Rebekahs Lodge (34 members suddenly, and counting). Receptions and special events of all kinds are happening. In short: The place is humming! When you ask people why they joined the Rebekahs or why they chose Rebekah Hall for a special occasion, they are likely to respond: "Because we want to help save Sherwood history!"

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What We Did in 2006

During January and February:
* The Sherwood Historical Society took part in the Crystal Rilee Foundation charette.

* Clyde List portrayed famous historical figure, Joel Palmer, at Gaarde Elementary School, Tigard.

* Wick Ashley and his high school photography class interviewed Clyde List and Margaret Umland, and worked with June Reynolds on a then-and-now ("rephotography") project. This was a service learning project that took six weeks from start to finish.

* A service learning student, Jamie Goss, and President June Reynolds worked in the attic at Morback House sorting and storing artifacts.

During March and April:
* March 11 was the opening of our first Art in History show. Local artists depicted key scenes and icons of Sherwood.

* The Society had a booth at the annual Antique Gasoline Power Show.

* Sherwood: A Sense of Time and Place, Volume I was published. Author June Reynolds held her first book signing at the Public Library April 8, 2006

* The Sherwood School District hosted a roundtable discussion for 60 people at the Statewide Community Education and Service Learning Conference. This happened on April 27, 28, and 29. "We were the only people to present a historically based program." says June.

* The youth of the Sherwood History Club worked after school Wednesdays and Thursdays all during April and May, scanning pictures and going to Margaret Umland’s farm, Gibbs School, and Schlichting Farm as well as other sites in the Sherwood area.

During May:
* There was a Heritage Farms and Gardens display at the Heritage Center. We planted herbs and plants that pioneers used.

* The Sherwood Rotary Club spent several weekends renovating Smock House and landscaping the grounds.

During June:
* Over 600 4th Graders from the three schools visited the Morback House as part of their Pioneer Day.

* We held an Open House during the Car Show (June 10). June signed some more books.

* Our in-house band, "The Folks,” played for the Lutheran Women’s Conference in Portland June 17 .

* Clyde and June manned an information table at the Snyder Park Summer Solstice Party June 22 .

* June 26-30 saw History Camp.

During July:
* We held another Open House during the annual Robin Hood Festival. 12th Century Mummers marched in Parade. June signed some more books.

* We hosted Japanese Students from Edogawa City July 25, for half a day to teach them about Oregon history and Service Learning.

During September and October:
* During the city's Art Festival, we hosted an antique appraisal during which we handed out “Golden Tickets” for Trail Days.

* Trail Days was held September 30 and October 1. There were four tours of Old Town and re-enactments. The Masons assisted the Historical Society for the first time.

* During Onion Festival, Oct. 14, we performed our “Onion Farmer” skit on stage for the event. Then "The Folks" hastened to the Tualatin Historical Society’s Harvest Festival, being held the same day.

* Our first Ghost Tour around Old Town was held Oct. 27 and 28 .

During November:
* 160 Hopkins Elementary School 3rd Graders took the “My Community” tour Nov. 1 and Nov. 3

* General Membership Meeting and Potluck at the Rebekah’s Lodge was held Nov. 11.

* Our annual History Workshop was held Nov. 18 at Morback House.

In December:
* Esmerelda, the Christmas Cow marched in the Christmas Parade Dec. 2. Open House was also held.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The 2006 Christmas Parade

Sherwood Historical Society Secretary Clyde List and his milk cow Esmerelda came to town again this year. Of course, things have changed a lot since Sherwood was a farm town and Es was just a calf, but she was up to the challenge. She brought a whole shopping cart full of things she had purchased at Victoria's Secret, just to prove how citified and sophisticated she has become since the building boom started, just like the rest of us Sherwood old timers.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Life at Morback House

Past President Reynolds Putting in Her Usual 110%

January is time for house cleaning at Morback House, But the Museum will remain open Wednesdays and Saturdays,
1:00 - 4:00.

Meanwhile, Guitar Lessons Continue Uninterrupted Downstairs.

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