Thursday, January 25, 2007

Old Sherwood Town Partners

The Sherwood Historical Society hasn't been the only history project in town. Since the Society was established only five years ago, other organizations have flourished. Pictured here is Rebekah Hall on Washington Street in Old Town. It started out as a silent movie theater in the 1920's. A few years ago it had become a dark, cold place where the Methodists had their coffee hour once a week (and still do, in fact, every Saturday morning) and where five ladies met twice a month to discuss the bleak future of their lodge. Today it's a bright warm setting with a reinvigorated Rebekahs Lodge (34 members suddenly, and counting). Receptions and special events of all kinds are happening. In short: The place is humming! When you ask people why they joined the Rebekahs or why they chose Rebekah Hall for a special occasion, they are likely to respond: "Because we want to help save Sherwood history!"


Lilly Morgen said...

Speaking of saving Sherwood, have you heard about the Old Schoolhouse? We MUST save that building and let the arts council use it. I wanted to use it this summer to have an old-time school for the kids in history camp and the Japanese visitation. I wanted to teach cursive writing and map making. We need more public spaces!! Especially for the kids!!!!

Joy Bear said...

The Rebekah Flea Market was a success. Thanks to everyone that sorted, set-up, priced, and took down all our "treasures" for the sale. We turned a profit and we cleaned out boxes and boxes of unwanted items. The Rebecca's hope to have another sale in May. Hopefully we have fine turned our artifacts again to have enough for another sale.
Thanks again

jaycee said...

I know one fellow who is very pleased with a gadget he purchased at the Rebekah Flea Market. I just throw my flour and stuff into this machine and push a button and it turns it into bread! It used to take Mary Ellen four hours to make a loaf of bread. Still, it's impossible to get the high quality flour we used to grind out at my gristmill.

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