Friday, February 09, 2007

Sherwood Lions/Lionesses Teach Flag History

Class room full of kids hearing Lions lecture.

Sherwood Lion and Sherwood Historical Society Secretary Clyde List shows renegade flag to Archer Glen First Graders. "The Confederate States of America wanted their stars taken off the United States flag." List explains, "But President Lincoln said, 'No way! You guys are staying on the American flag! You're not going anywhere! You're still part of the United States!" The bouquet of historical flags which Lion Clyde holds was originally donated to the Lions by (who else of course) Sherwood Historical Society founder Odge Gribble.

Lion Willy Plantz counting how many flags he needs.Flag Day is June 14 in the United States, but the Lions celebrate their own flag day in February so that the school kids can be involved. They've been handing out the miniature flags for over 30 years now. Lion Willy Plantz says it's a challenge to keep up with the number of First Graders who deserve their own personal American flag, which he helps to manufacture. It was 326 last year. 353 this year. This year the event took place February 7 (Middleton School), February 8 (Archer Glen), and February 9 (Hopkins). Visit Flag Rules and Other Fun Facts so your First Grader won't know more about America's most cherished symbol than you do .

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