Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hopkins Third Graders Take the Tour

Group of Third Graders making faces at the photographer.
Today and yesterday, 112-some Third Graders from Clyde Hopkins School took the Sherwood Historical Society's Grand Tour of Old Sherwood Town. Here we prompted Mrs. Huffman's group to let off some steam after behaving so well during the two hour long trek.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today We Celebrate the Gas Engine!

LEFT: June Reynolds discusses history with Gibbs School alumnus. RIGHT: Clyde List takes a few banjo lessons from a visitor from Vernonia. This year's Antique Gasoline Engines show was a success. The Sherwood Historical Society was represented by June Reynolds [Left} and Clyde List [Standing, Right]. Gasoline prices have never been higher but the event did give the Society a chance to point out that Two local Ghostbusters wearing their ghostbuster gear in front of Morback house. the town of Sherwood saw its first gasoline engine at work exactly 100 years ago when Fred Epler revved one up to pump water and another to generate electricity for the town. Meanwhile [RIGHT] Sherwood's "Ghostbusters" arrive at Morback House in response to an alarm from a group of Cub Scouts who visited there today. (I wonder what labor union these guys belong to.)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Spectacular Old Photo of Old Town

"Here is a picture that I found at the Knight Library in Eugene in the newspaper microfilm. It is the very same picture from the Ruby Fosner collection given to us by Sylvia Heyn-Smith.
Panorama of Old Town completely surrounded by farm land. A close-up of Railroad Street is included.
Detail showing old School House with caption reading PUT IT BACK!"Thanks to the newspaper, we now know the background of this picture. According to Tualatin Valley News March 2, 1917: This is a picture from Cecil Ashbaugh--a panoramic view of Sherwood. Mr. Ashbaugh was using a new process of photo film developing which he discovered. He wrote an article describing it in an issue of Camera Craft magazine."

"It would be nice to know more about Mr. Ashbaugh and how Ruby got the pictures."
--June Reynolds, Sherwood Historian and Author.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fund Raiser at Rebekah Hall

Past President Joan Sweeping Brand New Kitchen Floor.
The Historical Society's latest fund raiser is to be serving donuts and coffee at Rebekah Hall once a month. Here we get a glimpse not only of Historical Society members at work, but also of the snazzy new kitchen decor. Rebekah Hall is located at 22550 S.W. Washington Street, Sherwood Oregon 97140. (There is a Farmers Market one block over, on Pine Street, during the summer months.)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Art Walk: What a Blast!

Old Town Sherwood's Art Walk was a success, if you base your conclusion on the number of people who were involved. Bill and Barbara Maplethorpe and the Historical Society's banjo picker, Clyde List, would be seen in this space if only the person who took the very excellent photograph of them would email it in. Grrr!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hello Grand Ronde!

Grand Ronde Indians having hearty dialogue with Liz Rhode and Friends of History colleagues.
Friends of History went to Grand Ronde Indian Reservation today to hear a two hour presentation. If you think an Indian reservation is a lot of grumpy old folks with nothing good to say, forget it! These people are on the ball. A typical comment: "We're glad to hear from you because you always have as much information for us as we have for you." Parrett Mountain Farm's historic photograph collection was of special interest. "We think we can actually name some of the Indians that appear in those pictures." the spokesman said.

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