Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today We Celebrate the Gas Engine!

LEFT: June Reynolds discusses history with Gibbs School alumnus. RIGHT: Clyde List takes a few banjo lessons from a visitor from Vernonia. This year's Antique Gasoline Engines show was a success. The Sherwood Historical Society was represented by June Reynolds [Left} and Clyde List [Standing, Right]. Gasoline prices have never been higher but the event did give the Society a chance to point out that Two local Ghostbusters wearing their ghostbuster gear in front of Morback house. the town of Sherwood saw its first gasoline engine at work exactly 100 years ago when Fred Epler revved one up to pump water and another to generate electricity for the town. Meanwhile [RIGHT] Sherwood's "Ghostbusters" arrive at Morback House in response to an alarm from a group of Cub Scouts who visited there today. (I wonder what labor union these guys belong to.)


Anonymous said...

Holy Gouly!
I was walking by the Morback House last Thursday, when I saw a white apperation looking out the window! I could not believe my eyes! It had long, white hair and a white tunic that was all ripped up. Suddenly it disappeared. Is that why the Ghostbusters were called in?

Sherwood said...

Uh, yeah. I guess it was. Look for the Sherwood Ghost busters to appear on a new DVD that's coming out of Hollywood soon. Cross your fingers!

Anonymous said...

I was in the Morback House a couple weeks ago and the sink in the first bathroom turned on all by itself! I went and looked, and the handles were nice and tight so there is no way a water pressure burst should have been able to do it alone. Weird!

Lilly Morgen said...

You folks are beginning to scare me!
I'd like to think the only ghosts in that house are Rosa (Smock) Morback and Mr. Morback, himself. Perhaps Mr. Morback got a high water bill so he's gotta keep those handles nice and tight NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Clyde List said...

Now that you mention it, I've heard water running too! It's the sound pipes make when the faucet is opened. It happens almost every time I'm baby sitting the museum. I've always assumed it means someone else is puttering around inside or outside the building. I look out the back window to see no one at the outside faucet. I listen at the stairs for someone to call up at me. No one ever does. Next time, if I feel brave, I'll head for that faucet you mentioned and take a look. Eeeee!

Sherwood said...

The Lavender Tea House (across the street) has heard hoses running too lately. Inside the house... "Things get moved around." according to the owner.

Lilly Morgen said...

We've been hit by squirrels as well lately! Old buddy Hal the git-tar teacher was out to round'em up. He was chas'en 'em upstairs and downstairs. Those blame squirrels broke some of our history glassware made at History Camp. Guess we are going to have to make some replacements!

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