Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hopkins Third Graders Take the Tour

Group of Third Graders making faces at the photographer.
Today and yesterday, 112-some Third Graders from Clyde Hopkins School took the Sherwood Historical Society's Grand Tour of Old Sherwood Town. Here we prompted Mrs. Huffman's group to let off some steam after behaving so well during the two hour long trek.


Anonymous said...

What a cute bunch of critters!

Lilly Morgen said...

Hopkins 3rd Graders have just passed their social studies standard required by the State of Oregon. It is called "My Community" in which students are to study landmarks and history of the town they live in. Students were given maps of Old Town and asked to mark the important features. Then they walked around those places on the map. They toured the museum and saw the train model. Finally they went to the Masons and built the 9 blocks of Old Town Sherwood!

jaycee said...

These history projects are a feather in the District's cap, I must say.

Anonymous said...

What block is the Morback House on? I forgot an I need to know

Anonymous said...

What block is the Morback House on? I forgot an I need to know!

Sherwood said...

The block number is three. Block Three is between Railroad and First, Main and Park.

Anonymous said...

Thank you

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