Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Crappolla Award

Approximately 5 foot by 6 foot stone monument lying on its back in the grass.A number of tombstones at Pleasant View Cemetery have been toppled, including this one for Lynden and Ben Langston, the couple who used to parade their magnificent Clydesdale horses through Old Sherwood Town on special events.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Marvin of Quailhurst for notifying us about the vandalism.

jaycee said...

He's really anxious to preserve the Langston legacy too. (I'm buried just up the lane, you know, so I'm glad someone's watching out for us!)

Anonymous said...

We went to Maple Lane Cemetery the other day. What can you tell us about that place?

Sherwood said...

It's where our town founder and his wife are buried, as well as his step father. Sherwood's first Mayor is buried there and many other notables from our history. The Mayor's name was "Reisner" and the property seems to have been provided by the Reisner family. Lilly knows more.

Lilly Morgen said...

Are you talk'in about Pleasant View Cemetary or Maple Lane? The Smocks are buried at Pleasant Hill.
Also most of the Halls which are the in-laws you know....Now I do believe the Reisner family is all buried at Maple Lane, however husband and wife are not buried together. ...am I right on this J.C.? The Pleasant Hill cemetary was donated by Moses Baker. The Maple Lane Cemetery was officially deeded by Herman Schmidt in 1902. It was for the Eastern Congregation of St. Paul Church of Middleton, located where the Sherwood School District offices are today.

Sherwood said...

Uh, yeah. I guess you're right. Maple Lane belonged to a "second" Saint Paul Lutheran Church which was located just South of Old Sherwood Town. The two Saint Pauls belonged to two different "synods."

Mayor Reisner's wife is buried at Maple Lane. The couple split up less than two years before death separated them. Gustave Hanke, featured elsewhere on this blog, is also buried at Maple Lane. A member of the Oberst family, likewise featured on this blog, rescued Maple Lane from land developers just a decade or so ago.

Lilly Morgen said...

We are still looking for more information on the Langstons. Can anyone write us and tell us things that you remember about them? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am a relative of Moses Baker. I believe he found himself some land here in 1881. Origanilly from Missouri. I would love any further information that anyone could offer me about the Baker family. Also any info regarding Corral Creek Indians.

Lilly Morgen said...

Yes! We know that the Baker family (which was large) lived in the vicinity of Baker Road and also owned the land on which the Pleasant View Cemetery exists today. (See picture)
Moses Baker is buried there along with a huge number of Bakers.Several years ago at History Camp, the kids found all of the Baker graves for a Baker descendant doing genealogy.
There is more in-depth info. on the Bakers in the Sherwood History book. Now, the Corral Creek Indians!!That is something I would like to hear more about myself!!How did you hear of this? That might lend us some context on which we could do more research and investigation!!

Anonymous said...

I am a relative of Ben Langstons. My Father is Ben Langston's Nephew. Ben grew up in Estacada, OR. If you want to know more I can put you in contact with my father Maurice "Lee" Langston. josephinereid@comcast.net

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