Monday, May 12, 2008



What You Missed Last Year at Parrett Mountain Farm.


Anonymous said...

Is there any racoons at the camp?

Sherwood said...

Just on people's heads. Lots of Daniel Boone's kinfolk live around here you know.

Anonymous said...

Why are there Civil war people going to be there?

Lilly Morgen said...

Wall, I believe the Civil War troops are from the 64th Calvary out of Astoria. After a long winter of being holed up in Astoria, their feet get itchy and they take a tour around the country, evaluating the climate of the people during wartime. I've seen 'em on some of the old wagon roads going to Champoeg and Lafayette.They have a small, but lively marching band.

Anonymous said...

Will the chickens be there this year? I want some of the eggs. I like feeding the chiks.

jaycee said...

The chicks are awfully cute when they've just hatched. but take it from me, you don't want to make pets of them. They grow up a few weeks after you bring them home from the hatchery, and then they're not so cute anymore. The worst part is when your mom chops off your pet's head so you can have chicken and dumplings for dinner. Yum!

It's all part of living on a farm.

Anonymous said...

do kids have fun?

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