Saturday, March 29, 2008

Song of Sherwood

What can anyone tell us about Ken Ford, the Sherwood folk singer who invented a song about our town? He died young, leaving a wife and child behind. They lived in the house behind the Catawpa tree on Railroad Street, next door to the Odgepodge gallery. He even threatened to chain himself to the tree if the City carried out its plan to chop the tree down. He wrote and sang "The Song of Sherwood" for Sherwood's Centennial celebration in 1992. Other than these few details we hardly knew him.

A simple wooden cross graces Ken Ford's grave at Pleasant Hill Cemetary. His dates are shown to be (b)April 6, 1950 and (d)February 19, 2003.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

WARNING! This is too strange!

Is Sherwood Historical Society President Polly truly as large and frightening as the photograph on the left suggests? Is the person on the right an early photograph of a young and optimistic Santa Claus, long beard and all? Please leave a message if you want to know more. I mean really, this project is too strange to talk about, except when you're among friends.

By the end of March, The Aloha & Western Oregon Lines organization has things looking pretty cool!Members of the Aloha & Western Oregon Lines at Work at Morback House.

Historical SocietyPresident Polly Under the Table Again!Except for Polly, who's under the table again, but we're still proud of her!

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