Sunday, May 28, 2006

Now We're Cooking!

Lila standing by her 1920's vintage cooking stove at Morback HouseThanks to Lila (at left) the ghost at Morback House has something to heat up his meals with. (He tried to use the photocopier once when this was a Police Station.) Lila knows Old Town Sherwood well. She met her husband Bob there in 1947. She scoffs at the idea Sherwood only had one gunfight. There were several. On one occasion a man rode into town on a white horse and shot a rounder dead for mistreating his daughter. Another shoot-out happened on the steps at the County Court House when two prominant Sherwood gents refused to be satisfied with the Judge's verdict. Lila had plenty of other stories to tell but she had to get home and cook dinner for husband Bob (which won't be easy now that she gave away the kitchen stove).

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Teacher to Teacher at Gibbs School

Former pupils of Gibbs School, up on Bell Road on Chehalem Mountain, discuss the restoration of their school house with Sherwood author and Sherwood Historical Society President June Reynolds. The area did not have electricity until 1941. If there was a snow storm, kids were brought to school by horse drawn wagon. Then they would huddle around the wood stove all day long and read by kerosine lamplight. Two of June's history students interviewed and videotaped the folks. The school was named after the second governor of Oregon, A. C. Gibbs, whose first priority was " elevate the standard of education, in Oregon, as much as my limited influence and acquirements will permit." (1862 Inaugural Address)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Robin Hood Dimension

The Sherwood Historical Society supplied the Friar for this year's court and the Friar took the picture (that's why he's not in it). He also gave a sermon. His topic: Once you become a Robin Hood scholar, history never looks the same.

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