Sunday, December 31, 2006

Clyde List Editorial

Our esteemed affiliate, The Oregon Historical Society, has been experiencing financial difficulties over the past few years. Politicians are debating the importance of the organization. As though history were a phenomenon that can be called off at will. In Exodus 32:9-14, even God trembles before history. He almost decides to erase His chosen people from the face of the Earth, and then realizes that with no one to worship Him-- He Himself will be erased. We historians do not claim to know the mind of God, but we do know that it is not unusual for mortals, immortals, saints and sinners, governors and peons alike-- to follow in the footsteps of that historian mentioned in the Book of Isaiah:
"Take a harp, go about the city, o forgotten harlot. Make sweet melody, sing many songs, that you may be remembered."
    Isaiah 23:16

Friday, December 29, 2006

Dear Blog-Meister...

Here is an "unknown" picture that you might be interested in posting on the Sherwood Historical Society blog site. This picture was found in my grandmother Mrs. Roy "Jennie" Harrington's belongings. I do not recognize the individuals in the photo, but believe that it may have been taken in Middleton, possibly at the Middleton Baptist Church. If you would like to post it and see if anyone can help identify these individuals, I would appreciate it.
--Anne (Harrington) Watson

Friday, December 08, 2006

Amazing Find at Smock House

photo of original from Smock House newspaper.
1896 was a bad year for Sherwood. The brickyard went bust and people were insulating their walls with newspaper instead of wallpaper. As a result, the top floor of Smock House has the news of 1896 pasted all over its southern exposure. Past President June Reynolds was making a close inspection of these newspapers when this poem jumped out and bit her on the nose. The poem was interesting to look at as well as to read. It was hand lettered in a political cartoon. She hasn't been able to decipher the artist/poet's name yet, but it's not half bad! (I wonder if anyone would describe Portland's polluted, concreted and creosoted riverfront this way today!)

Softly Flows the Blue Willamette
Copyright 2006 by Sherwood Historical Society

Softly flows the blue Willamette
Hazy hills slope gently down
Where the heaving sighing waters,
Lap the ash trunks gray and brown.

Slender wind-swung weeping willows
On the river's low banks grow...
Ev'n the lightest summer breezes
Gently sway them to and fro

Fragile, bent and broken rushes
Lean far out and kiss the tide!
Neath the green pads of the lily,
Silver mirrors flash and hide

Lo, a scarlet sun is sinking
In a gleaming, golden west
And the blinking stars lie mirrored
On the blue Willamette's breast.

Hear Clyde List's Rendition of this Song!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Brick Kiln Redux

Here is what our blog discussion uncovered about

According to Ronald Sherk's 1936 History of Sherwood: "In 1890, four Portland business-men: Dr. Edgar Poppleton, E.T. Johnson, J.H. Smith, and Robert Alexander decided to place a brick yard in Smockville. Matt Fitch was sent here by the Kennedy Co. of Chicago, manufacturers of press brick machinery. He set up the plant and turned out one kiln of brick. Then he turned the brick yard over to the owners." The business was called The Portland Pressed Brick Company

DETAIL 1: We decided the man on the far left must be Matt Fitch. According to fellow bloggers: "Matthew M. Fitch and his wife Nettie are found in the 1910 Census living in the West Cedar District on Middleton Road. His occupation is listed as a farmer. Their children are listed as Ray and Ivy. His wife Nettie was the daughter of J.C. Smock. He built the house that they call the Morback House today, starting in 1890. He built it for J.C. Smock who sold it to Robert Alexander. Matt was an engineer who liked to draw designs and build. Washington County marriage records compiled by The Genealogical Forum of Portland, Oregon state: M.M. Fitch & Nettie M. Smock, both of Washington County, married 11 June 1890 at the house of J.C. Smock. Witnesses: F.A. Olds & Rosa B. Smock. Minister: H.C. Plummer. Smockville, Washington County." (The Smock residence mentioned here was a large building located across the railroad tracks from Old Town. It burned down in the 1930's. "West Cedar Creek District" was our political designation before Sherwood was incorporated.)

DETAIL 2 & 3: Judging merely from the way he's placed in the photo, the man on the left is assumed to be Robert Alexander. He was from Sherwood, Michigan (See Nov. 5, 2005 Posting) and suggested the name "Sherwood" for our town. The middle figure is a good candidate for David Alexander, who makes a colorful appearance in the 1897 town minutes. (After the brick yard closes, he donates brickbats to the Town, but charges a hefty fee to transport the brick!) The fellow on the far right remains a mystery.

DETAIL 4: The man on the far right just has to be Dr. Poppleton. The other two would be Johnson and Smith. According to a blogger: "Edgar Poppleton is listed in the 1880 Census in Lafayette, Yamhill County, Oregon. He was living with his wife Nancy and his five daughters, Adalaid, Minta, Illda, Augusta and Nellie. Edgar's occupation is listed as M.D. His age is listed as 48 on the 1880 census, so he would appear about 58 years if he was included in the photo taken circa 1890."

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Card

Piano Player at Morback House     December 2, 2006
No matter what you do at Morback House, history is watching.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sherwood Chorale at Morback House

Following the annual Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting, the ghosts at Morback House were entertained by The Sherwood Renaissance Singers, AKA The Sherwood Christmas Chorale. Naturally the Historical Society's Sacred Cow (far left) wandered in, thinking it was the "Christmas Corral."

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