Sunday, December 31, 2006

Clyde List Editorial

Our esteemed affiliate, The Oregon Historical Society, has been experiencing financial difficulties over the past few years. Politicians are debating the importance of the organization. As though history were a phenomenon that can be called off at will. In Exodus 32:9-14, even God trembles before history. He almost decides to erase His chosen people from the face of the Earth, and then realizes that with no one to worship Him-- He Himself will be erased. We historians do not claim to know the mind of God, but we do know that it is not unusual for mortals, immortals, saints and sinners, governors and peons alike-- to follow in the footsteps of that historian mentioned in the Book of Isaiah:
"Take a harp, go about the city, o forgotten harlot. Make sweet melody, sing many songs, that you may be remembered."
    Isaiah 23:16

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