Monday, March 14, 2005

Businessman Discusses Smock House

Ty Richard's Folks in East Texas. Note the Twin Front Doors.

Sherwood Rotarian Ty Richards inspected Smock house today. He said there were many things about the building that reminded him of his family home in New Summerfield, Texas.The double front doors served a dual purpose, he said. "One door was strictly for visitors. The other door was to the room we used when we came in from the fields." Ty had also helped apply wallpaper to bare wood the way it was found in Smock House. "First you nail a layer of cheese cloth to the wood." he explained, "Then you do the papering over the cloth so that it will stick better." The decorative pattern on Smock House wall paper looked familiar to Ty as well. He said that the general climate is the same in Sherwood and East Texas and that the wallpaper was all the insulation that was considered necessary. "We never removed paper though." he added, "We always papered over what was there."

Friday, March 11, 2005

Lewis & Clark Reenactment

A Genuine Mountain Man Warns of Pitfalls.

Sherwood Historical Society President June Reynolds is also a teacher at the local high school. This afternoon she led a group of her students on a treck through Sherwood's Stella Olsen Park. It was supposed to be a reenactment of the Lewis and Clark journey. However, thanks to the unseasonally warm weather Oregon has enjoyed these past few days, the kids missed out on the never ending wind and rain enjoyed by the original Corps of Discovery.

The Corps of Discovery Undaunted.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Another Building Goes Down

To many of us, the demolition of the cannery site is a welcome and long-overdue resolution to a long debate between the City of Sherwood and the site's owners. However, our hearts did go out to Sherwood resident Don Balsiger, who was seen photographing the cannery office as it came down Friday, March 4. "I hadn't been on the second floor since our family lived up there in 1938." Don said. The demolition contractor gave Don access to the building before work commenced, and so Don was at least able to experience some level of closure. While the building was coming down, he kept pointing out features of the building-- including a hidden stairwell-- that no one except a member of his family would have cared about or noticed. Ah well. As we used to say during the 1950's, "That's Progress."

Save Our Historical Landmarks!

1920-21 School Year at Sherwood Elementary School, Sherwood Oregon

The Sherwood Foundation for the Arts and Humanities is Raising $2.5 Million to Save This Landmark in Old Sherwood Town. See the full report in the Portland Oregonian.

The citizens of Tualatin are also getting up in arms about their historic buildings. Last month four of us Sherwood Historical Society folks went to hear the Mayor of Tualatin praise the Tualatin Historical Society for their efforts to save an historic church. The city has earmarked matching funds for the project. Just down the road, another Tulatin building which we know as "Rich's Kitchen" is slated for the wrecking ball. Contact for more information. To help save the Sherwood School house, contact

March - April Quilt Show

Quilts from the 1800's to 2005 will be on display March 19th thru April 17th. The Sherwood Heritage Center Museum will be open Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday from 1-4 with extended hours during Spring Break. Come enjoy hands-on demonstrations and activities for the kids.
Call the Heritage Center for more information (503)625-1236.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


The Sherwood Heritage Center
is located in Old Sherwood Town, Sherwood Oregon U.S.A. The Heritage Center is located on the same block as Veterans Park, at Main and First. Two historical houses, Smock House and Morback House, form the heart of the Heritage Center. Smock House was built in 1868 by town founder James Christopher Smock. Morback House was lived in by Joseph Edward Morback, son in law of Smock. Some say his ghost still walks the stairs!

Morback House features the Sherwood Historical Museum. Museum hours are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 1:00 to 4:00 PM.

Musicians on Morback Porch --March 2005

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Things for Sale at the Museum

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The Sherwood Heritage Center is a project of the Sherwood Historical Society