Friday, March 04, 2005

Another Building Goes Down

To many of us, the demolition of the cannery site is a welcome and long-overdue resolution to a long debate between the City of Sherwood and the site's owners. However, our hearts did go out to Sherwood resident Don Balsiger, who was seen photographing the cannery office as it came down Friday, March 4. "I hadn't been on the second floor since our family lived up there in 1938." Don said. The demolition contractor gave Don access to the building before work commenced, and so Don was at least able to experience some level of closure. While the building was coming down, he kept pointing out features of the building-- including a hidden stairwell-- that no one except a member of his family would have cared about or noticed. Ah well. As we used to say during the 1950's, "That's Progress."


Rene Legging said...

Like most who watched the building coming down in the past few days, I did so with detached relief and only mild curiosity regarding it's past.

Don's story caught me by surprise and gave me a thirst to learn more about stories this ground could tell. Certainly it's relevance to the town story is as important as the long gone and much mourned train depot which stood nearby.

Can you tell us more Don?

jaycee said...

Don is not a member of the blog just yet, but you're right. He has a lot of stories to tell. Stay tuned.

Lilly Morgen said...

Last Saturday (April 2, 05), the new Sherwood Historical Society
Field Study Team went down to the old cannery site. We saw that under
the cannery, there were the remains of the old brick factory, namely the kiln. We could see the
remains of crushed red brick and
"clinkers" which were the rejected brick. We could see them in the railroad bed as well.

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