Friday, March 04, 2005

March - April Quilt Show

Quilts from the 1800's to 2005 will be on display March 19th thru April 17th. The Sherwood Heritage Center Museum will be open Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday from 1-4 with extended hours during Spring Break. Come enjoy hands-on demonstrations and activities for the kids.
Call the Heritage Center for more information (503)625-1236.


Lilly Morgen said...

GRANDMOTHER'S QUILT by Florence Atterbury Young

She loved to point the pieces out
And tell us young folks all about
The memories that to her were dear,
Each one a history we loved to hear.
Every time the story was new
Of Grandmother's Quilt, pieced long ago.

And as she spread her treasure out,
We would gather round about.
Youth would shine in Grandmother's eyes;
She recalled days neath summer skies
As she gazed on a quaint design in brown,
Saying, "This was once my very best gown."

Then with a smile there is almost a sigh;
A piece of blue she cannot pass by.
Giving the answer, we recieve with joy:
"This your father wore when a little boy
As he ran away to the swimming pool
Many times on his way to school."

Then she closed her eyes as if to rest
As a bright pink piece her hand caressed.
We were silent now with love and respect,
For Grandmother's eyes with tears were wet
As she visions her baby with golden hair,
And the little pink bonnet it used to wear.

She unfolds the quilt with a look far away.
She seemed to have tired so quickly that day.
But I understand, for to me she told,
Well I remember--tho not very old
Striped gray piece--close to where the pink lay--
Grandfather wore on their wedding day.

The dear old quilt many memories hold
Tho most of its pieces are faded and old;
I was long out of style in fashion's sway,
But to us it is dearer every day.
There can be no price on its basket design
Or Grandmother's quilting so true and so fine.

jaycee said...

Great poem Lilly. But who the heck is Florence Atterrbury Young?

Lilly Morgen said...

You know, J.C. I really don't know much about Florence. Is there anybody out in cyberspace who can tell me about Florence? She actually has a copy of her works at the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays in the John Hay Library at Brown University!!I found this out at OHS!

jaycee said...

Woah! I used to possess a book of her poems but I gave it to the Sherwood Historical Society.

Lilly Morgen said...

Yes, I know. I cataloged it. It's in the 811s of the library.

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