Friday, March 04, 2005

Save Our Historical Landmarks!

1920-21 School Year at Sherwood Elementary School, Sherwood Oregon

The Sherwood Foundation for the Arts and Humanities is Raising $2.5 Million to Save This Landmark in Old Sherwood Town. See the full report in the Portland Oregonian.

The citizens of Tualatin are also getting up in arms about their historic buildings. Last month four of us Sherwood Historical Society folks went to hear the Mayor of Tualatin praise the Tualatin Historical Society for their efforts to save an historic church. The city has earmarked matching funds for the project. Just down the road, another Tulatin building which we know as "Rich's Kitchen" is slated for the wrecking ball. Contact for more information. To help save the Sherwood School house, contact


Lilly Morgen said...

Joe Galbreath built that building, I reckon. He is claimed by both Sherwood and Tualatin as he was a
Cipole Onion farmer. He also built
lots of brick buildings on Front street and 1st in Portland with

Lisa Thoele said...

Hello! If anyone wants any info or wants to be involved with the efforts to Save the Old Schoolhouse you can email us at or call me at 503.680.2025. Thanks for posting us!

Anonymous said...

keep old town, old!! next thing you know there will be a 7 11, instead of rainbow market. build over on tualatin sherwood or somewhere.

Lilly Morgen said...

To think that it is now the fall of 2007 and still nothing has been done. We are still spinning our wheels over this and the Arts Council has not been able to come up with that outragous amount of money. A small black box theater seating 50 is all we need. Lilly Morgen

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