Friday, November 30, 2007

Saint Francis School Visits Old Town

Are Fifth Graders of Saint Francis Catholic School serious or goofy? "Definitely serious." said Historical Society trail guide Clyde List, who wore his Friar Tuck outfit and pretended to be Saint Francis Himself (I mean, how much more serious can you get!?). The walk was only supposed to last an hour, but lasted two hours instead, because of all the preparation the kids had done ahead of time. Each student is focusing upon one site along the Sherwood Heritage Trail.

That's the original Saint Francis Church in the background. It's the New Life Assembly of God now.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Put It Back!

Interior staircase at Hopkins School.
Sherwood Historian Odge Gribble clings to the old staircase inside the Old School House. She and the rest of us were invited to tour the doomed building on Monday to see what we wanted saved for the replica that will replace it after it's been torn down. DOOMSDAY will be Tuesday Dec.4 3:00 to 4:00. That's when the bulldozers arrive. INSET: The Sherwood Historical Society's new lapel pin will remind policy makers of their vow to recreate the Sherwood classic. Let's all wear one and say it in unison: Old buildings might wear out, but... "If you can't save it, put it back!"

Sunday, November 04, 2007

1973 Class REUNION!

The 1973 Class of Sherwood High School is seeking to update it's class address listings and has been unable to locate alumni with these family names:

Aebischer, Atrops, Baldwin, Batterman, Benedict, Blossom, Brown, Clopton, Cooter, Coyle, Craig, Dietz, Erhardt, Fowler, Geck, Hagg, Hall, Hanna, Hilliard, Holmes, Jensen (Echols), Kelley, Kline, Kresa, Lawson, Leaman (Mom worked at the High School) , Kwiatkoski, Lundy, Middleton, Morrison, Nelson, Parr, Powell, Pratt, Roberts, Rose, Routlege, Scheller, Schwartz, Sorter, Stern, Stobbe, Stone, Walden, Watts, Westling, Wiesman.

If you can help us locate our "lost" classmates, please contact

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