Friday, August 31, 2007

Request for Information

Western view of the Schlichting House.

Hello,I recently bought the historic Schlichting house off of Roy Rogers and Seely.Ornamental brick pattern on Schlichting House. My children are the 5th generation of our family living in this house. I'm trying to find more history on the house and thought you might point me in the right direction. It looks like my great-grandfather, a Rupprecht, purchased it in 1941 and became the second owner. One brick has "BEN 5-19-28" carved into it. I have heard that another great-grandfather, Otto Krebs, laid the brick on the house. I'd be curious to find more about the original owner (Christiansen?), Sherwood's second brickyard (owned by Otto Krebs), and also see if there are any old pictures of the house. Thank you, Steve Muralt

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Friends Like These!

United States National Bank Vice President and Manager of Community Relations David Wynde stopped by at our regular August meeting to present Sherwood Historical Society President Joan with a $1,000 donation check. This is the third such check we've received from USNB.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Smock House Out House at Last!

There are people in Sherwood who might be appalled by the idea that a group of Scouts from Venture Troop 184 would choose to build an outhouse as a merit badge project. We're not talking about the kind you see in a public park. We're talking about an honest to God-awful stinky, two-holer, corncob, Montgomery Ward catalog type of outhouse here.

Don't worry. We're not actually making it available for public (or any other kind of) use. The project came about as part of the Sherwood Heritage Center's never ending effort to help us modern people understand the "Good Old Days" a little better. Here Scout Stephen Fox is being assisted by fellow Scouts Corbin Bowen, Brandon Wozniak, Doug Wozniak, Ed Wozniak, and Micheal Aden. Of course, being Scouts, they were too busy to wave at the camera even with their left hands.

Those of us who remember life before indoor plumbing will notice that the little building sits about 100 feet too close to Smock House, except in winter time, when it would have been considered 100 feet too far!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Robin Hood Festival

Here is one magnificent photograph of Maid Marian sent to us from the Sherwood artist D. K. Boljat. Like the Steve Kenner masterpiece below, it's an image sacrificed on the altar of Sherwood, so that the town will continue to prosper and grow.

Mini-maids Discussing Marian's Marksmanship. Such reverence helped get the attention of Money Magazine According to this month's issue of the magazine, Sherwood features "...a juxtaposition of old and new, with reverence toward both the city's historic past and its bright, expanding future."

(Photo at Right) Marian's mini-maids don't show the same reverence for Marian's marksmanship. Oh well. In any case, the magazine's high opinion of us means that Sherwood's "historic past" is newsworthy to somebody besides the Sherwood Historical Society That's the best news of all.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Letters from Our Friends "The Home Page of Oregon History" has been blitzing us with email lately. Take a look at their site. There's no spam. Just solid newsy stuff.

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