Friday, August 31, 2007

Request for Information

Western view of the Schlichting House.

Hello,I recently bought the historic Schlichting house off of Roy Rogers and Seely.Ornamental brick pattern on Schlichting House. My children are the 5th generation of our family living in this house. I'm trying to find more history on the house and thought you might point me in the right direction. It looks like my great-grandfather, a Rupprecht, purchased it in 1941 and became the second owner. One brick has "BEN 5-19-28" carved into it. I have heard that another great-grandfather, Otto Krebs, laid the brick on the house. I'd be curious to find more about the original owner (Christiansen?), Sherwood's second brickyard (owned by Otto Krebs), and also see if there are any old pictures of the house. Thank you, Steve Muralt


Anonymous said...

The Murault brothers were part of the St. Paul Church and one of the brothers helped to build the 1940s era Church itself with Otto Kerbes bricks, just like your house. Could it be that one of the Murault brothers built your house as well?

Steve said...

I asked my dad, Richard Muralt, about this possibility, which he thought was pretty slim. There were nine brothers in that family, but we mostly spoke about Victor and Max. He said that it was pretty likely that those two gave financially for the church building, but that they weren't too handy as carpenters. Victor was my grandfather, and I can remember that his wife, Erna (Krebs), was the one that had all of the tools. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Erna Muralt that was the one working on the church.

Sherwood said...

There are at least two buildings besides Saint Paul's and the Schlichting House that are made of O. K. (Otto Krebs) brick. Until a year ago the brickyard site was known as "Driftwood Trailer Park." The site was perfect for a trailer park because it had been leveled with a hand shovel by Otto himself. The dirt he shoveled became the large pale-red-slightly-orange colored brick we still see in several local buildings. There is still a small brick house on the site that was made from the earth O. K. shoveled. There is also a small mini-mart on Highway 99, on the right just 1,000 feet before you cross the Tualatin River from King City. It is almost certainly made of O.K. brick.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to get all 9 of the Murault brothers' names?

Lilly Morgen said...

I'd like to invite the Murault Family to the Morback House Museum for Jan 2008. It would be interesting to find our about the 9 Murault brothers. Think of all the offspring there must be in the Washington Co. Area. Email the Sherwood Heritage Society email to get a History Workshop going.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is pretty neat. My son is doing a family tree for his 7th grade history class. Otto Krebs was my great grandfather (through Fred) and we lived in Sherwood up until 5 years ago. While we lived in Sherwood I searched all over for 'a' brick that I could link to Otto. Anyone out there willing to part with one I would gladly pay to UPS it to me! I drove through Old Town at Christmas and was sickened by the growth and changes. When we lived there already Aunt Helen's (Krebs-Heater) place was not even a trace!But now...Please at least keep St. Paul intact! Contact me at if you have a Krebs brick! Kris (Krebs) Piccolo

Anonymous said...

im a schlichting and i am looking up history about my family where is this house located?

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