Sunday, August 05, 2007

Robin Hood Festival

Here is one magnificent photograph of Maid Marian sent to us from the Sherwood artist D. K. Boljat. Like the Steve Kenner masterpiece below, it's an image sacrificed on the altar of Sherwood, so that the town will continue to prosper and grow.

Mini-maids Discussing Marian's Marksmanship. Such reverence helped get the attention of Money Magazine According to this month's issue of the magazine, Sherwood features "...a juxtaposition of old and new, with reverence toward both the city's historic past and its bright, expanding future."

(Photo at Right) Marian's mini-maids don't show the same reverence for Marian's marksmanship. Oh well. In any case, the magazine's high opinion of us means that Sherwood's "historic past" is newsworthy to somebody besides the Sherwood Historical Society That's the best news of all.


Anonymous said...

Hay! Ain't it about time to start thinking about Trail Days in September? I'd like to go, see, so where do I get one of them Golden Tickets????
---Tom Woida

Sherwood said...

Wherever dem folks is singing about dem golden slippers.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is significant that Money Magazine was interested in the mix of the historical and the modern. The ambiance of the town is something that money can not buy. There is a major asset in having an active historical society. Can anyone place a dollar amount on how valuable this is?

Sherwoodian said...

That all depends on what you call a historical society. I've seen so called historical societies that are nothing but a bunch of old families arguing about who's on first. Fortunately the Sherwood Historical Society isn't like that. Non-native- newbies are welcome. It's because we're at the end of the Oregon Trail and we want to know why people have always been so eager to come here. And newcomer to Sherwood is always great news.

Loyce said...

So, who in Sherwood blew up the dam?
I know who in Tualatin did. Although, there are rumors the dam was blown up at least twice.

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