Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Music Man at Stella Olsen Park

BACKSTAGE in the GREEN ROOM Actors getting ready to perform The Music Man at Stella Olsen Park. In other words, my fellow Sherwood citizens, these people have come hither to deceive you. Yes! Right here in Sherwood Oregon! They will make you believe things that are not true. The year is 2009. Everyone knows that. But these rascals will convince you that it is really 1909. If you listen to them, you will wind up like a member of the Sherwood Historical Society, always searching through Old Town Sherwood for the way back!
The Music Man could have been about any Turn of the Century small town in America. The story about a shyster trombone salesman was perfect for Sherwood. We had it all: The controversy about pool halls, a barber shop quartet, a town band, and vaudeville shows. Once, the whole town emptied out and filled back up again-- just like the stage did Saturday night-- because of a false rumor that Farmer Peters had been gored by a bull. He must have been surprised by all the attention he got in one day! Any stranger in town got the same level of attention. A Music Man-type blew through in 1895 except that he was selling telephones. He walked off with $130 of the Town's money. Our own town father, J.C.Smock, was accused of swindling by the Hillsboro press. He was selling lightning rods that nobody needed. These stories, and more, can be found in the Old Town Minutes and newspapers.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Music on the Green

(BELOW) PHILOSOPHERS PLATO AND SHELLY AGREE: You shall not leave Music on the Green without a song in your heart and a Sherwood Historical Society Strawberry Shortcake in your belly.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sherwood Oregon USA Robin Hood Festival

This video was made by Friar Tuck, this year's Grand Marshal.

Sherwood Historian Knighted!

Kids call her weird. Now she's a weird Lady!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heavenly Signs and Wonders

A few years ago during an Old Sherwood Town Tour, my guests and I were distracted by a circle around the Sun. Here's more information about such a strange event:

"Report from the Dominican Republic."

The best part about this link is that it was written by Mary Otte, a foolish beatnik who fled Sherwood as a child and now writes very thoughtful criticisms of the Mafia for the New York Post. (Woah! No wonder she's looking heaven-ward!)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Robin Hood meets George Washington

If you went to History Camp, you already know all about the connection between Robin Hood and George Washington. Alas, the Sherwood Robin Hood Festival has to explain it all over again every time we go to Hillsboro to help celebrate the Fourth of July!

The cry 'Rob from the Rich. Give to the Poor' did not receive so many puzzled looks this year!

A Portland Rosarian even offered us gifts!

It's common knowledge that the American Revolution was a Robin Hood Festival that got carried away. Lots of old battle flags have Robin Hood-friendly images on them.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Visitors from Portland

A Century ago a visitor would be front page news in Sherwood. Now that two national magazines have labeled Sherwood one of the most livable towns in America, we've been getting all kinds of visitors.

TOP LEFT: Saturday's tour was organized by Metro and led by historian Laura O. Foster. The tour on the right is the annual one led by our good friend Peter Chausse. We're at Dale's Barber Shop in this photo. BOTTOM LEFT: About twenty children from Tigard visited Morback House today (Monday, July 1).

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