Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Music Man at Stella Olsen Park

BACKSTAGE in the GREEN ROOM Actors getting ready to perform The Music Man at Stella Olsen Park. In other words, my fellow Sherwood citizens, these people have come hither to deceive you. Yes! Right here in Sherwood Oregon! They will make you believe things that are not true. The year is 2009. Everyone knows that. But these rascals will convince you that it is really 1909. If you listen to them, you will wind up like a member of the Sherwood Historical Society, always searching through Old Town Sherwood for the way back!
The Music Man could have been about any Turn of the Century small town in America. The story about a shyster trombone salesman was perfect for Sherwood. We had it all: The controversy about pool halls, a barber shop quartet, a town band, and vaudeville shows. Once, the whole town emptied out and filled back up again-- just like the stage did Saturday night-- because of a false rumor that Farmer Peters had been gored by a bull. He must have been surprised by all the attention he got in one day! Any stranger in town got the same level of attention. A Music Man-type blew through in 1895 except that he was selling telephones. He walked off with $130 of the Town's money. Our own town father, J.C.Smock, was accused of swindling by the Hillsboro press. He was selling lightning rods that nobody needed. These stories, and more, can be found in the Old Town Minutes and newspapers.


JayCee said...

Sherwood was founded during a time when Smith and DeKovan's stage play, "Robin Hood" was one of the most popular productions in the English speaking world. It may even be the reason we're named Sherwood. The play's hit song was "Oh Promise Me." We should do that.

Lilly Morgen said...

The traveling salesman was selling stock in a thing called the telephone. He hoodwinked the city council. but Mr. Morback wanted the telephone so badly that he started his own telephone company. He soon got out of it, but the rest is history!!

JayCee said...

Now where have you been all this time Lilly? I saw this hoop-dee-doo June Reynolds person at the Robin Hood Festival knighting ceremony, taking all the lime-light away from you. She didn't look the least bit pleased when I kept shouting "Esmerelda! We'd rather have Esmerelda!"

Lilly Morgen said...

You would think the Christmas cow, Esmeralda would have an "in" with King Richard!!
As for myself, I think that I precede the history of the Robin Hood Festival.

Clyde said...

True enough, Lilly. All these other people such as June Reynolds and Esmerelda the Cow have no right to udderly (did I spell that right?) erase you from the History Book Second Edition. No how! No sir!

Clyde said...

No sir! All those udder people!

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