Sunday, May 28, 2006

Now We're Cooking!

Lila standing by her 1920's vintage cooking stove at Morback HouseThanks to Lila (at left) the ghost at Morback House has something to heat up his meals with. (He tried to use the photocopier once when this was a Police Station.) Lila knows Old Town Sherwood well. She met her husband Bob there in 1947. She scoffs at the idea Sherwood only had one gunfight. There were several. On one occasion a man rode into town on a white horse and shot a rounder dead for mistreating his daughter. Another shoot-out happened on the steps at the County Court House when two prominant Sherwood gents refused to be satisfied with the Judge's verdict. Lila had plenty of other stories to tell but she had to get home and cook dinner for husband Bob (which won't be easy now that she gave away the kitchen stove).


Lilly Morgen said...

What is Lila's last name? Yes!
it would be really exciting to hear where she heard those stories from. We want more!

jaycee said...

To be perfectly truthful, it was her son, Pat, who went on and on about how Old Town Sherwood has degenerated into the prissy, middle class, gentrified core that it is today. The good times just ain't like they were, back in the days when everybody was poor and hard workin'and you could let off steam by belting someone without getting sued.

jaycee said...

Let me add that that kind of rough-housing was strictly forbidden in Old Town Sherwood.

On October 9, 1893, "A new Ordinance was offered by Mr. Eyman which was given the Title of Ordinance #15 the object of the ordinance to prohibit fighting asault or Asault @ Battery and to Proscribe the punishment for the same."

Mr. Eyman was the town's undertaker and he knew what he was talking about even if he wasn't real good at spelling.

On April 2, 1894, just to show how serious we Town Fathers were about keeping order, " was desided to pay the Marshal a salary of $10.00 per Month for the Months of April May & June 1894 in Order that he might better Afford to take time to look after those persons more closely that wer in the habit of Violating Town Ordinances." Not only that, but "...the Marshal was Instructed to procure A Star for Depty Marshal and present Bill for same."

For more information go to Mr. Clyde's Anecdotal History of Sherwood.

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