Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fresh New Faces for Our Oldest Festival!

Maid Marian and her Court  Smiling for the Cameras at the Sherwood Public Library.
Robin Hood and Crew at Marian's Beck and Call. The Sherwood Robin Hood Festival selected a new cast tonight. They'll be in the July Fourth Celebration in Hillsboro for real. Our job there will be to explain that even heroes have heroes. George Washington for example. Who did George Washington yearn to be like when he was a lad? Robin Hood of course. (It's true!)
Two maidens smile for the camera.
Robin , Sheriff and King Richard.
Wait till you see the spectacular photographs that Diana Sell took!


Lilly Morgen said...

Wow! I like the pictures (of girls and photographers!) Both are great! Of historical significance, I'd say.
I am finding that sometimes photos taken at an event don't make it to the newspaper, but the written story usually gets in.Look for matching information.

jaycee said...

Sounds like you know something about reading old newspapers, Lilly.

Anonymous said...

Ah the Earl of Huntington in all his glory! Has anyone ever done any research into why a person from the 21st century would want to take on the role of a person from 800 years ago? What does this say about the value of history? What does this say about the people that enter into this ritual? I would like to hear from a psychologist or a sociologist on this question...

Sherwood said...

This club is a good place to begin.

jaycee said...

Okay, the question about why Sherwood celebrates the memory of a man who didn't even live here (Robin Hood I mean) is very important.

The founders of the Robin Hood Festival thought they were praising an invention of Hollywood. To some degree that is true. However, the Hollywood Robin Hood is based on some ballads that were popular in the late Middle Ages. Erroll Flynn's conversation with Little John on the forest bridge is word-for-word 15th century stuff.

Oh yes. There's something very important and time-honored going on here and we need to know what it is.


Lilly Morgen said...

Americans have a great deal of interest in the icon of Robin Hood. We see him as the adventurous, independent soul that rights wrongs and is charitable to the poor. All of the buffoonery leveled at the aristocracy and the intellectuals of society is what the American can relate to and laugh at. I can see that Daniel Boone would probably appreciate a Robin Hood story more than someone living in England!!

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