Saturday, February 23, 2008

Old Technology New Technology

This section of an ancient nine inch diameter water pipe (above) was found by the city crew currently excavating Pine Street East of the railroad track. It's made of cedar wood and wrapped in a wire sheath. The only question we can't agree on: When was it installed? In the meantime, here's what's being installed now (below). What a shame to hide such a delectable piece of sculpture under the soil!


Lilly Morgen said...

My guess is around 1911-1912. It was dug up on the rise of Pine Street up Washington Hill. My guess is that it was laid by Fred Epler and his crew as part of the Epler Addition. It is probably a water main. Thanks to our friend David Stabler, foreman of the Street Crew for bringing it to the museum. Take a look again and see if you can give us anymore information. I bet Mr. Earl Reiser could!

Anonymous said...

The water main was made of cedar slats bound by wire and coated with tar on the outside. Its on the back porch of the Smock House. It came from the Pine Street excavation headed by Dave Stabler.

Anonymous said...

So this water main will connect to the new water reservoir that will have a tennis court on it.

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