Tuesday, January 29, 2008

100 Years Ago in Old Sherwood Town

Village officials tip-toe past a gentleman who offers them an invoice for repairing the man lying unconscious at their feet.
Doc Saylor Brings a Matter Before the Town Council February 14, 1908

From the Minutes Book, Feb. 14, 1908

Dr. A. L. Saylor having a bill on file for $3.00 account, surgery performed on one Bud Knutson, while held for ritous and disorderly conduct on the 6th day of Jany., and it being a question by the council wheather the town was liable for this account, a motion was taken to lay the bill on the table until such a time as the matter could be investigated.

Councilman Smock reported bad condition of town sewer in Mr. Johnstons field below town, apparently being a break in the same. The Marshal [Joe Morback] agreed to make investigation of the sewer in this particular place and if possible put same in proper condition. Upon motion the marshal was instructed to proceed at once to purchase 100 6 inc tile and put the sewer in proper condition as possible.

The question of minors being supplied with intoxicating drinks in the Town of Sherwood was quite thoroughly discussed and inasmuch as the existing town ordinance covering this offense being defective, it was considered advisable to have a new ordinance drafted at once.
[Mayor] Hall agreeing to look after the drafting of this ordinance and have same presented at nxt regular meeting.

[Signed] J.E.Morback, Recorder


Anonymous said...

Why I can see that things in town are going to "heck in a henbasket," as they say. That Morback fellow is both the Marshall and the town recorder? Why they oughta run that guy for Mayor or somethin'

JayCee said...

Actually my son in law Joe Morback was the chairman of everything that came along. In those days, everyone but him was simply too shy to be seen in the lime-light for very long.

Lilly Morgen said...

Morback only had one arm, but he was the brains of the town. Who, these days, is the brains of Sherwood?

Anonymous said...

The water main was made of cedar slats bound by wire and coated with tar on the outside. Its on the back porch of the Smock House. It came from the Pine Street excavation headed by Dave Stabler.

Anonymous said...

So did they ever get this bill resolved for Doc Saylor? (Who by the way was not a doctor.) He was: 1) a saloon keeper 2) a druggist and 3) A watch and clock repairer.
Hmmm I guess that's pretty close to a doctor!

jaycee said...

Actually, there were two Saylors. They were brothers. One is remembered as a jeweler and the other as an apothecary. Either gentleman would have been skillful enough to stitch an eyelid back into place after a riot. As far as the invoice goes: No, our beloved Town Council decided not to pay it. No reason given.

Lilly Morgen said...

I know there was George. What was the other Saylor's name? I thought I also heard that the druggist had a son that helped. What was his name? When did they have a drug store and where?

JayCee said...

Oh willikers! You got me off guard here, Lilly. It's all a matter of public record. If only Clyde List would stop mislaying his notes. He used to know this stuff better than I did. There's a humorous poem in the old newspapers about the Saylor brothers. But I'm an old man you know. Old Smock's memory's not so good anymore, Lilly. Terrible ache in the elbows and knees you know. The Lutherans used to call Old Smock Old Knockenmann (bone-man, or skeleton), kreaking like a grandfather klock in the korner, knuckles and knees knocking together. Got to go now. "Go know"

Lilly Morgen said...

Such was the state of affairs at the turn of the century. The men were running the government entirely on their own. It was not until 1912 when women were given the voice to vote in Oregon elections.I looked back in the 1912Sherwood News Sheet and there was nary a mention of this historic change in our history! But change was looming in the form of Prohibition and Child Labor Laws!

Anonymous said...

The Women's Suffrage Amendment was passed August 18, 1920.

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