Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Important Sherwood Town Father

A typical photograph of a Turn of the Century gentleman. The image reveals little about the man's personality.
For More about the Left Photo CLICK HERE.

This is Matthew M. Fitch. Thanks to Sherwood Historian June Reynolds, we can look into his eyes and imagine what he might have said to us about the city we live in today. Here is what Ms. Reynolds has to say about the photo:

"M.M. Fitch is remembered most as one of our post masters. The Appointment came by telegram from Washington D.C. The appointment was confirmed by the Senate March 10, 1914. The job was considered a "plum" by many in Sherwood.

He was a carpenter by age 15, in Texas. He helped build bridges for the railroad. He came to Sherwood to be an engineer for the Portland Pressed Brick Company. He set up and fired the brick factory. He built what we now call Morback House for J.C. Smock, who sold it to Mr. Robert Alexander, one of the brickyard owners. Fitch married one of Mr. Smock's daughters, Nettie! He and Nettie have many descendents in the Sherwood area today.


Anonymous said...

Who are some of the decendants?

sherwoodian said...

We hesitate to name names on the Internet. There is at least one Fitch left. People named Spath or Krebs come to mind.

Anonymous said...

J. C.! This is one of your relatives!!He is your son-in-law!

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