Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another Photograph to Analyze

Here are enlarged details of a photograph taken (we're pretty sure) inside the Carlson & Sherk store. The tall guy seems to be Howard Smith, the same fellow we see smiling in the January 8 posting below (with everybody on wheels). But he isn't smiling at all in this picture. The length of the ladies' garments and the sales woman's Navy blouse suggests we're in the midst of Wilson's War to End All Wars!

Top: Two Sherwood ladies shopping. Middle: Probably Howard Smith and wife. Bottom: Wider view of same images. How many items for sale in this picture might still be found in someone's attic today. To analyze the entire photo for yourself first hand, please visit the Sherwood Heritage Center soon.


Lilly Morgen said...

Why, I see what my gal "Grizzle" calls "Hankie Hats" or bandannas a' hanging from the ceiling. Eveyone used to use them because they didn't have "kleenex" yet. They were used to keep the dust out of the eyes, nose and mouth during thrashing, and to wipe the sweat off'in the brow. Ladies used 'em to keep the hair out of their eyes--even in the 1960s. Now I guess there's these city folks who use red an' blue ones to tell each other they are in gangs. That doesn't seem too practical, but to each his own....

Clyde List said...

There was a lot of land being cleared of majestic old Douglas fir trees at that time. There was a lot of smoke in the air from all the unwanted timber that was being burned ("slag fires" as they were called.). With or without a morning fog added to the smoke, you had real difficulty seeing where you were going. When my ancestors lived in a house in what is now the empty field next door to Schwabs Tires, my grandmother actually got lost trying to find her way across what is now Hwy99 at Shari's Restaurant, because of the density of the smog. This would have happened at about the time the photo was taken. Lilly, your analysis of those beautifully ornate hankies is most interesting. It shows how merchants were making money off of an environmental catastrophy.

Dyan said...

I see my Great Uncle Howard Smith! He passed away in the late 80's early 90's (can't remember as I was just a kid) He passed away a month before he turned 100. He was still very sharp minded and still dressed in a 3 pice suite and fadora hat up to the day he passed away. I loved going to see my Great uncle just to hear all his great stories of Sherwood and the great rich history of when he was younger.

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