Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rebekahs honor Historical Society Secretary

Sherwood Historical Society Secretary Clyde List sports a Rebekah Lodge medallion he received last week. In order to wear this ornament you have to be the Left Supporter of the Vice Grand, which List now truly is. He even wore his new overalls so he'd look good in the group photo. "There are people across the nation who take this stuff pretty seriously." List commented, "But us Sherwood people are baffled by it." List only joined the club after the Sherwood Historical Society learned that there was no other way to save Rebekah Hall than to keep the group alive.


JayCee said...

The United States of America is a congregation of secret societies. The Constitutional Convention itself was a secret congregation. Could it be possible that all these totally separate, secretive, and close communions-- after all that work of memorizing all those silly passwords and ridiculous codes and rituals and et cetera-- might discover some day after all these years that they've all been working toward the same goal?

Anonymous said...

I think that guy Clyde makes a very American Rebecka!!

HA HA John Brown

I'm a Unionist, myself

JayCee said...

A Union man you say? Hrumph! My daddy and his kinfolk didn't think much of those. Uncle Zim cheered for the CSA right up to the end! It's his Donation Land Claim that Sherwood is founded on, y'know.

Lilly Morgen said...

Clyde, you are such a Left Supporter!! I just didn't know it was for the Rebekahs!!!Don't you mean that the List donation land claim founded most of 6-corners?????

Clyde said...

I keep seeing various members of the club next door, i. e., the Masons Lodge standing outside their doorway. I pass by them thinking how much I would like to join their society and emulate the fine people I see in that doorway. If only this were the year 1910 instead of 2010. But now the year is 2010 and I am thinking: WHAT ARE YOU MASONS HIDING BEHIND YOUR DOORWAY FOR? WHO ARE YOU HIDING FROM? OH MY MASONIC FRIENDS, YOU HAVE DONE SO MUCH FOR THE TOWN I LOVE AND YET YOU KEEP ALL THESE GOOD DEEDS A SECRET! I PRAY YOU! BREAK YOUR PRECIOUS COVENANTS! VIOLATE YOUR SECRET VOWS! Sherwood needs you as never before in your lodge's long and honored history. Tell us what you've done. Come out here and TELL US! You can't imagine the crowd that will cheer for you, if only you would. (I will make sure of that.)

Clyde said...

Once again Lilly Morgan has robbed me of my thunder. I did not notice her comment above until after I had posted mine. The fact is: No Lilly. The List Family did not come out soon enough to establish a Donation Land Claim. My grandparents did not even arrive here by covered wagon. They arrived by train in 1892. You know the story very well, Lilly, how they got cheated in a land deal and finally wound up on an acre of ground generously provided by the Langer family. Without the Langers, the Lists would never have survived. That is a fact. It's all a matter of certain records which you have in your hand, Lilly, and you know it very well.

Clyde said...

Actually, now that I reread your post, Lilly, I think you meant to address your comment to JayCee, and not to me at all. Sorry for the lecture. I always enjoy lecturing, and being lectured by, you.

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