Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saint Patrick Comes to Clancy's Bar

Ah it was a great day in Old Town Sherwood today. Clancy's Pub was keeping people out, so as to not violate the fire code. And no wonder. Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue was playing the tune, begorrah!

Sherwood Historical Society Secretary Clyde List finishes the video we posted here with a tune he sure wishes the band would play sometime: "Salley Garden." (This part of the show was shot at the Morback House Museum.)


Clyde said...

The important thing about playing "Salley Garden" is that the piper does not give in to the temptation to add all sorts of fancy flourishes to the melody. The worse musician you are, the simpler you make the tune and the greater the chance of getting it right. Aye.

Clyde said...

Our Morback House musician, Ken, watched this video on the same day it was made and said, "Ach! These are not Irish pipers! These are Scotts. They may call themselves Irish but that is only because they could have come from Belfast, a place in Ireland taken over by Scotsmen. You're hearing Scottish music on Saint Patrick's Day and calling it Irish music. Oy vay iss mir!"

Clyde said...

And our Morback House care taker Clyde replied: "Well then. Hooray for the Scots. It was their leader, the Earl of Arley, who put Sherwood on the map. They built our railroad and in the early days that's all Sherwood was: A railroad town made possible by the Earl of Arley and his noble band of investors and their never-ending quest to improve the world with British knowledge! Huzzah, I say! Huzzah!

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