Saturday, January 31, 2009

Now Showing at Morback House Museum

Some very peculiar Tualatin ladies (at Right) peruse the Picturing America exhibit now taking place at the Sherwood Heritage Center museum at Morback House. Peculiar? How peculiar can they be? Come to our March show (See our next post) to see the Hats, Purses, Gloves, and Parasols show that these very distinguished Tualatin ladies have helped the Sherwood Historical Society to put on.


Lilly Morgen said...

Come and see how Sherwood, Oregon history relates to the overall history of the United States!!

Clyde List said...

Oh this is going to be good. Oh yeah. Lay it on, Lilly.

Anonymous said...

Did they take a picture of Sherwood? Ben H

JayCee said...

Probably. That's why it is very important for none of us to look grumpy when visitors are in town.

Anonymous said...

What are those black flufy things on the ladys hat? Are they feathers
Why did they have feathers?

Brandy and Katie

Clyde said...

The word "flighty" comes to mind. These Tualatin women are in Sherwood because they are "flighty." It's not the worst thing you can be. But that's only a guess We will have to wait till they appear again, during the March Show, and then we will ask them again.

Anonymous said...

What are the two houses called at the center? What is the hsitory?

Kali and Patrick

Clyde List said...

The two houses are called "Smock House" and "Morback House."

We found Smock House just in time to save her. The man who owned Her was going to destroy her because he did not believe She was worth saving. (I know the man well and he says he's glad the Sherwood Historical Society saved Smock House. He's a nice man and he's glad.)

Morback House has always stood just where she's at. We saved her too, because the City Government was thinking of selling her to just anyone who comes along.

Isn't that a sad thing? Our leaders and leading citizens put their most precious possessions up for sale and almost no one but the Sherwood Historical Society cares.

Please understand: There are no bad people in this story. It is history that needs to be remembered too, as if history were a person.

Lilly Morgen said...

This is the last Saturday to see this event--Then I've got to write a report about what we did and send it to Obama in Washington D.C.
I wanted to hand deliver it, but no time with Read Across America!!!!!

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