Thursday, January 08, 2009

June Reynolds praised by the D.A.R.

Sherwood Historical Society Past President and Author June Reynolds received several impressive awards from the Daughters of the American Revolution this morning at the Marjorie Stewart Senior/Community Center. June is publishing a series of very large books about Sherwood history. See "Sherwood: A Time and Place" below. She spoke at some length about her success at involving Sherwood youth in Sherwood Historical Society projects. The D.A.R. gave her every minute they could, but there is never enough time to describe everything June does.

SPECIAL NOTE: Sherwood Historical Society Secretary Clyde took this photo, but no one wanted to hear him sing a once popular but naughty 18th century song about the American Revolution. It made George Washington furious to hear the British piping it during the surrender ceremony at Yorktown. Problem was: Washington did not realize the Brits were actually calling off the whole War! He was thinking too hard about how much longer he himself could go on without giving up the fight!


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I would like to thank my handlers; Clyde List and Joan Reynolds, my groupies, Odge and Selma, and my production managers, Polly Blankenbaker and Shelly Lamb.
Also I'd like to thank our accountant, Irene Baker and my copy editor Marilyn Stinnett. Also thanks to my publisher Ty Richards of Cheyenne Printing. Without all of these people and a few hundred more, I would not be a DAR award winner!June Reynolds

Anonymous said...

Actually these people hate you, Anonymous. It's June Reynolds we have all given our hearts to.

Lilly Morgen said...

I actually have Revolutionary War heroes in my family, on my Mother's side. Crystal Leta Keck came out west on a train with her little sister. Her parents died of some disease. The girls came to Portland to live with their married sister on 1st Street in Portland. Her ancestors were Native American and they stole horses from the British to give to the Americans!!True Story!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God you didn't bust out in song!!How shocking!!

Anonymous said...

What is D.A.R? I've never heard of it.

Clyde List said...

Oh yes. Terribly Shocking Song. I know! The D.A.R.? Let's have a drum roll here please. The D.A.R. is one of the most dignified and admired societies in America. Sherwood is proud to have a chapter of the D.A.R. locally.

However, it must also be said that The Daughters of the American Revolution do not think well of Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson predicted that by the Year 2000, everything west of the Mississippi River would have staged its own Revolution by now. He predicted we would have formed our own country by now. He would have been as disappointed with us as the D.A.R. is proud.

Of course Jefferson was a Father of Our Country and so the D.A.R. admire him for that reason.

Anonymous said...

So are these ladies related to people who weer in the Revolutionary War? That was a long time ago. Jon M

JayCee said...

Yes Jon. These ladies must be able to prove that they have ancestors who fought in the American Revolution, or they will be asked to leave the room.

And yes Jon. It is truly fascinating that the American Revolution is as important here on the West Coast as it is on the East Coast. After all these years we are still one people. One country.

By the way, you might like to know that I, J.C.Smock, the Founder of Sherwood Oregon USA, can trace my ancestry back even earlier than the DAR can. I go all the way back to the days when New York was called New Amsterdam!

Yo! You'd have to be a Native American to top that! The Native Americans were here for thousands of years of course. I could tell you something about that, but there's not enough time.

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