Monday, January 05, 2009

100 Years Ago in Old Sherwood Town

F. Colfelt, L. W. Roellich, W. J. Edwards and J. C. Smock have been elected to the Town Council. A. W. Hall is Mayor. J. E. Morback is Town Recorder, L. S. McConnell is Treasurer. No one wants to be Town Marshal. "There not being anyone up on the ticket for marshal, the names of C. T. Hall and Geo. Saylor were written in, both receiving an equal number of votes, but not being present to have the tie decided, the matter was deferred until next meeting." 1909 Town Council Minutes for Sherwood Oregon USA

ACROSS AMERICA BY THIS TIME there are 8,000 cars and 10 miles of paved roads. There are more lynchings than auto deaths. A white male can expect to live 46.3 years, females: 47.3 years, black males: 33 years.


Anonymous said...

Who would want to be Town Marshall? Why I was offered the job once in Portland Town. You end up shoveling manure and chasing livestock down the road. Everyone is complaining to you about the muddy streets and drunks pouring out from the Saloon. As if the Town Marshall has control over any of that. Then you are asked to plant trees in the parks and byways and at the same time watch for suspicious persons. No, I would rather build chairs!--John Brown

JayCee said...

But think of the romance! I always wanted to be "Matt Dillon, U.S. Marshal." (For the benefit of you young people, I'm referring to the famous television show, Gunsmoke.)

Of course, Marshal Dillon was paid by the Federal government. His paycheck didn't come from Dodge City. It came from Fort Laramie. He could afford to thumb his nose at all those silly mayors and corrupt town councilors.

Lilly Morgen said...

In my last time travel journey, I came across some new tidbits of information from almost 100 years ago. 1913 to be exact. Also some interesting information about Mary Ellen Smock!!Stay tuned!!

Anonymous said...

People didn't live very very long. That's how old my Dad is. Ben M

JayCee said...

I have known several people who do not even remember their dads. When I told them anything at all about my dad, their eyes would grow very round as they looked at me. I could see that they were jealous. They could not understand why I would ever be angry with my dad for any reason. "Take care of your parents." one woman said, "You won't have them much longer." She was about ten years older than me when she said it. She had tears in her eyes.

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