Saturday, February 14, 2009

Celebrating Oregon's 150th Birthday!

At right, in Salem February 14: Horace Greeley and Lilly Morgan bump into each other at the Oregon Convention Center. At left, in Portland February 15: The banjo-in-hand Sherwood Trail Guide is sketched by a little girl at the Oregon Historical Society.Everything went well during this very significant weekend in Oregon, except that a Native American lady from Grande Rond told Mr. Horace Greeley that she did not think very highly of him. We failed to get a snapshot of her, but Mr. Greeley and the Trail Guide did manage to capture a moment with Miss Teenage Oregon. The poor girl is, of course, standing a few fractions of an inch closer to the banj0 picker than the newspaper man. Wouldn't you say so, Mr. Greeley?


Lilly Morgen said...

Well, now that Horace has finally made it out West, he's sorry that he made such a rash command!! He will surley have a nice article for the "Northwestern!!" Happy Birthday, Oregon!!!!

JayCee said...

He did alright.

Lilly Morgen said...

The party is not over!! There will be events all over Oregon this Year!! Go to:

for a list of events!!!

LTC Alisha Hamel said...

Subject: THANK YOU!!!
Hi All,

Thank you so much for your historical displays at the Ball on Saturday night. The event wouldn't have been as successful without your displays. I loved all that you brought, and I am sorry I didn't have time to get around to see everything up close. I will have to stop by your heritage center to get a longer, closer look. I got a lot of kudos for how everything worked so well together...the re-enactors, the displays, the band, the dancers etc.

Thanks also Sherwood for bringing the banjo player. What a great addition he was!

I hope you all got some food and got a lot of attention at the Ball.

I hope to work with all of you again someday.


LTC Alisha Hamel
Oregon 150 Special Projects Officer
Oregon National Guard

Anonymous said...

Here is the best booklist EVER of the top 150 Oregon books from the State Library!!!

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