Monday, February 23, 2009

A Rainy but Merry Walk through Old Sherwood Town

A rainy day cannot prevent these merry folk from their agreed upon, self- appointed rounds. Like working for the Post Office.


Anonymous said...

So, Mister JayCee Trail Guide, extrodinaire, what did you see? That building in the picture does not look familiar. Perhaps you are in Portland Town? That building looks as if it has Tudor influences. Do you have any of my furniture in your Museum house? Look for my John Brown JB on the back or underneath as in the chairs. You will have an antiquity at least 130 years old. ---John Brown, esq.

JayCee said...

Now, now, Mr. Brown. The Sherwood Historical Society understands very well your desire to be remembered by we who live in the 21st Century. You will be pleased to know that your furniture has held up very well over the years. Very few people today take as much pride in their work as you (let's see here) took.

JayCee said...

The photo was taken in Sherwood, at an archeological site on the corner of Railroad and Main.

Anonymous said...

Who are these Merry Walkers? I love to walk. I walk to Dallas, Oregon and Dayton. Sometimes I walk to Portland. I would love to walk with these people.--John Brown

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