Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Message from Historical Society President!

Hi JayCee,

Would you please put an article about what's happening at
the Morback House on Saturday on the blog? (Okay!)
Musicians from Pieter Breughal's Peasant Wedding and from Morback House porch.
The Tualatin Brass will perform on the porch, (Okay!)
The Sherwood Renaissance Singers will have a sing-a-long, (Okay!)
Renaissance Singers and the Sherwood Chorale performing in the Living Room at Morback House.
and The Decorated Tree Raffle drawing will be at 5:30 p.m. (Okay!)
--Thanks, Polly

Christmas Tree Raffle Winners take Their Prize out the Front Door at Morback House!
(Woah! There goes the tree! It was the winners'
first Christmas in Sherwood. How cool!)


Anonymous said...

Mooooooo!I will be there!!I plan on hitting the methodist Church bizzare around noon for the chili lunch, then head on over for the raffle, then walk up to 6 Corners to get ready for the P-Raide an' find the People mooover. If there aren't too many brass bands on it, I think I'll ride this year. Finally a cookie and hot cider whil'st singing the Carols!!
Then I will be in the Christmas Spirit!!Es the Christmas Cow

Lilly Morgen said...

Mission accomplished!

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