Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Request for Information

Mention has been made several times about the Long Acre Store that was at the intersection of Brookman and Old Hwy 99. It seems to come up starting in the 1930s. Who owned it? Who worked there? What do we know about it? Could you set that on the blog to see if we get any info?? I'd like to find an old photo of it as well.


Clyde said...

I remember that store. Just after WWII a German family lived there and ran the store. It was kind of out of the way. Their son was my age and his name was "Rudy." That's it. Can't think of anymore. I think they were connected with Saint Paul Lutheran Church.

Anonymous said...

Brookman road and Old 99 are in Middleton. There used to be a town in Middleton. Jackie

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a town in Middleton any more? Levi s.

Anonymous said...

We need some pictures of Old Middletown. Do the museun have them? Kurt B..

Clyde List said...

I get goosebumps every time I travel through what used to be Middleton. "There used to be a town here!" I keep saying to myself. Now nothing but the streets are left and a big cemetery and a few photographs of the old Middleton school house. The town had everything a small town could want: a post office, a train depot, churches, stores and a famous dance hall. Then in less than 100 years, nothing was left of the "middle town" that lay one day's journey from Lafayette to the south and Oregon City to the east.

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