Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Weary Children of Sherwood Oregon USA!

All summer long they ran along the trails at the Wildlife Refuge and the Cedar Creek green way searching for Robin Hood. And now it's winter and everyone says forget about Robin Hood. Go look for Santa Claus instead of Robin Hood. And so now the weary children of Sherwood leave the shady greenwood behind and search the lighted pathways of Old Sherwood Town instead. They arrive, breathless and worn, at the Sherwood Heritage Center in search of an Enhanced Understanding of the Present built upon Links to the Past (per our Mission Statement, above) only to be met at the door by Esmerelda. The Christmas Cow. Oh boy!

Toddler contemplating a colorfully decorated Cookie.Two Photos. Ezmerelda the Christmas Cow contemplating an ez-merized toddler.

Once kids figured out that Esmerelda the Christmas Cow (Top, Middle) was nothing more than Sherwood Historical Society Past President June Reynolds Acting Weird Again, they got onto what was happening inside Morback House. The Model Train exhibit (Below) was a hit for sure!

Children leaning against the Model Train exhibit at Morback House.Favorite Comment Heard in the Train Room:
"You know what the Trail Guide said this summer? He said it was so quiet here that people thought they could hear the water falls at Oregon City!"


Anonymous said...

I waved at all the kids and did my Moooves to the music of the SHS marching band. What fun! Santa was ringing his bells and saying Ho Ho Ho to all the boys and girls. Then I had to go back to the barn until next year. Oh the life of a Christmas Cow!!--Es the Christmas Cow

jaycee said...

I was Es-merized by you just as much a the kids were.

jaycee said...

It's true that people thought they could hear the water falls at Oregon City. I don't think so, but people seriously believed it.

In my time, I remember seeing the Milky Way at night. Nothing on the earth was as dazzling as the Milky Way. I knew from books that I was looking at a giant, big, flat platter of stars, and so I almost lost my balance because I felt I wasn't standing up right on this big platter thing!

And so kids: What are you going to do about all the noise pollution and the light pollution my generation has caused? In addition to the air pollution we talk so much about. Beats me. It's your turn. It's a problem for you to solve when you grow a little older.

Lilly Morgen said...

There will have to be a new Progressive Movement at the grass roots level. I other words, if it stinks in your backyard, you will have to clean it up!!No gas? Try walking. Not enough food? Grow your own. That is the act of being progressive.

Anonymous said...

Why are these children running around in the woods all summer? Shouldn't they be down on their hands and knees pulling weeds or some such activity helping their family to feed themselves? As I recall that is what most of the children did when I called on the farmers in Sherwood. Oh, yes there would be time to lollygag out on the porch of the store, waiting for the post to come, but still, these fresh young ones need to work!--John Brown

Sherwood said...

That may have been true in your time, Mr. Brown, but when Rudyard Kipling passed through our general neighborhood in the 1890's he observed that the male inhabitants all looked like loafers. The women were well dressed and the children were "boggle eyed." Whatever that means. Anyhow, life was pretty easy by 19th Century standards.

Anonymous said...

Dere Es--

I am tired of waiting for Christmas.
Are you going to be back?

JayCee said...

I suppose Ez could be the Easter Cow just as easily as the Christmas Cow.

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