Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet Real Indians!

PRESS RELEASE from TUALATIN-- Eirik Thorsgard, MAIS, Cultural Protection Coordinator of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon will be at the Tualatin Historical Society on December 3, 2008, 1:15 PM. The presentation will be at the Tualatin Heritage Center.

Thorsgard will discuss recent discoveries at Wapato Lake (near Gaston). The lake was the base home for Ki-a-Kuts, headman of the Atfalati (or, "Tualatin") Band of the Kalapuyan Tribe. Ki-a-Kuts negotiated and reluctantly signed the 1855 treaty with the United States which relocated the Kalapuyans to the Grand Ronde reservation. In 2007, the Tualatin Historical Society successfully proposed the name of "Ki-a-Kuts" for a pedestrian bridge over the Tualatin River.

For more information contact The Tualatin Historical Society.


jaycee said...

Here's a letter I found in my attic, from Superintendent of Indian Affairs Joel Palmer to the Chiefs and Head Men of the Tualatin Band of the Calapooia Indians. March 21, 1854:

"The whites are determined to settle on your land. We cannot prevent them and in a few years there will be no place left for you. Then what will you do? Will you live in the mountains like wolves? The deer and other game being killed off you will have nothing to eat, your women and children crying for food, and freezing from cold; there will be no one to care for you. I tell you this will be so. Then be wise. Take good counsel. Sell your lands. Agree to remove to such places as the Government may hereafter select for you, where they will protect you and provide for your wants."

jaycee said...

I've often wondered what today's Atfalati think of Joel Palmer, but have never had the nerve to ask. Maybe someone will.

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