Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"We're Going to the Governor's Ball!"

Photo taken during Sherwood Christmas Parade 2006. JayCee is leading Lilly Morgan AKA Clarabelle the Christmas Cow through Old Sherwood Town.Lilly Morgan to JayCee: "Guess what! Guess what! We just got invited to the Governor of Oregon's Ball February 14, which is the day of the year that Oregon was accepted into the Union. I'm serious! We have to be in the Salem Conference Center for the Governor's Ball to celebrate Oregon's birthday!"

Stay tuned.


jaycee said...

Just simmer down there, Lilly. I'm sure a whole lot of other people were invited and that nobody will notice us. I mean, who would pay any attention to us the way we dress?

Lilly Morgen said...

Speak for yourself, there, Jaycee! I have a beautiful emerald 1865 dinner dress, just right for the Ball. It will have an authentic hoop skirt and very old pearl choker. I do need a new shawl, however!!Time to go to that new Meir and Frank store down in stumptown!!There will we one thousand guests and 100 support people. We will be representing the Sherwood Historical Society with our Education Display. That will make the 4th time we have used it this year!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh!!!Does that mean that I get to go to the ball? I am really in the MOOOOOd to meet the Governor!!
I will be sure to iron my pink bow and clean the manure off of my boots!---Esmerelda the Christmas Cow

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Lilly, but I will not escort
you to the Ball. I do not know if this Governor is a Unionist or not. And besides, I get in trouble every time I go to one of these social things. However, I have found some one in my stead: Horace Greely is in
the valley and he said he would be delighted to take you to the ball. He will pick up you and Jaycee and Mary Ellen up at the Middleton Friends Church in his coach.You may have to discourage your cow friend, however!---John Brown

Sherwood said...

That does it. If Esmeralda ain't going, I'm not going.

Lilly Morgen said...

Let's not squabble over this, dears. I am sure that our Governor will be happy for us all to come. After that, I hear that Abe Lincoln, himself will be in Stumptown on Feb. 30th for his 200th birthday Party. It costs only $100.00 a table!Let's have the entire company come to that event!They say the vice president will also be there!

querulous said...

All you Hysterical Society enthusiasts better not get caught peddling any of that Smockville Snake Oil at the Governor's party.

jaycee said...

Now you just climb down out of that pulpit, Mr. Kwerless. You're going to be quoting scripture at us next. Just like them folks old Joe Galbreath used to warn about: "We could hold our own during a horse trade unless the feller pulled a Bible out of his hip pocket and started quoting it at us. Then we know'd we was licked."

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