Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lilly Morgan's Chicken Escapes (Again)!

This summer, Lilly Morgan chased her pet chicken all the way around Mount Hood and wound up at Dufur, Oregon. The DUFUR THRESHING BEE was going on. If you want to know what Sherwood used to be like in the olden days that's what Dufur is today. Except that Mount Hood feels like it's standing in the wrong direction.


Willamette Farmer (Salem, Or.), July 13, 1883, Page 1 Town of Dufur, Wasco County. The editor of the Wasco Sun, who has been traveling south of The Dalles, says: The approach to Dufur was a surprise to us. We were delighted with its situation in a snug valley of the Fifteen Mile creek, whose merry waters made music and spread vigor upon the whole bottom. The view from some points was very fine. Its fine carpet of green grain and grass divided by the fences of the various estates upon the surface made us sigh for such a home. This snug place was named for and is the home of several members of the Dufur family, so long identified, and particularly through the elder Dufur, with most of the substantial industrial interests of Oregon. Mr. Andrew Dufur lives on the south side of the creek in a pleasant home. His bottom lands about the house were very desirable, and we noticed that he had taken a ditch across his lands from the creek upon the west side of the county road in order to irrigate his lands to the south of his residence. We visited Mr. Dufur and his wife while dinner was being got ready at the hotel, and were very cordially received. Mr. Harrison Dufur, our representative to the last legislature, lives about three miles up the valley,and, like his brother, is engaged in sheep and wool raising. The town has a first-rate blacksmith. The school-house, Odd Fellows' Hall and neat looking cottages and houses showed what can be done in a short time on good lands by pluck and go ahead.


Lilly Morgen said...

Wall, I found that chicken and we had a spare one as well. Everything is going well in Dufur, except there were not as many yard and garage sales this year. No vouchers for free breakfasts either, so it was a good thing that the chicken laid some eggs!!

Clyde Ray List said...

So the story has a happy ending after all. Good work, Lilly. You looked smashing in Crystal Rilee's dress. With all those people asking for autographs and taking your photo, you should have got a prize.

Lilly Morgen said...

Wall, we had to do somethin' in order to get asked back...I have not heard anything about the stage and wagon train coming through Dufur yet. I wonder how this thing is going to work out....

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