Monday, August 24, 2009

Your Civic Ancestors, Continued

So far we can only identify five of the WWI Vets in our 1939 Legion Hall Photo: Otto Ficken, Fred Rucker MD, Ken Blankensop, Earl Reiser Sr., and Art Rupprecht are pictured above. Click the Legion Hall Photo [at Left] and leave a comment if you can identify more than that. Every one of these champions deserves to be remembered.


Anonymous said...

woops!! seems like you are ahead of me on this...Lilly...

JayCee said...

Always and forever, Lilly. Make no mistake about that. Haha!

Clyde Ray List said...

I knew these guys. Some of them quite well. Otto is sporting a musician's uniform. Women must have found him-- as all the magnificent males in that family truly were-- breath-taking. Ken Blankensop was actually a veteran of the British Army. He came to Sherwood because his brother was the Methodist preacher here. He was a good friend while I was Mayor. I remember Earl Reiser Sr. as the friendly Six Corners grocer who helped my folks out when we were virtually starving next door. (I never fail to bring that fact up with ER Jr. every time I see him!) Art Rupprecht I remember as the farmer who used to disc his field after sunset, in spite of the Bible's warning that no man can work past that hour! (Something only a 5 year old kid would think of).

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