Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ghost Hunters at Morback House!

What do real ghost busters look like? Forget the National Lampoon movie! These guys are for real. They are the North Oregon Paranormal Investigators!

Click the Image to see the YouTube video!


Lois Matz said...

Have you ever investigated some of the old farm homes for ghosts? One would think Chehalam Mountain or Scholls would be good areas. Good luck with this project. Love, sis.

Anonymous said...

We had a great time investigating and the report of our findings will be available as soon as possible. With all the equipment and digital voice recordings we did I promise that the wait is worth. I myself have done investigations thru out the country and studied parapsychology for many years. I am also a sensitive,but standby it is almost done......

Clyde said...

Take your time. The ghosts aren't going anywhere. They'll still be here when we're gone. The manager of the Tea House (across from the museum) wasn't surprised by ghost stories. She's from a part of the world where every rock, river and tree shelters a ghost. She warned us all to be very careful.

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