Thursday, April 12, 2007

Down the Upstair Case at Morback House

Upstairs at Morback House, apron history expert Bobbe Schafer lectures the Sherwood High School Family and Consumer Science Class (that's what they call Home Ec now). Members of the Rebekahs and the Historical Society were well represented in the audience. Schafer's topic was the history of aprons down through the ages. During the same week, an overflow crowd from Lavender Teahouse clamored up and down the staircase, while, on the main floor, an old Sherwood family (the Obersts) recorded its history.

You might say it was a pretty busy week at Morback House.


Lilly Morgen said...

The sewing class was from Sherwood
High School. There were also some of the ladies from the Rebekahs.
It was neat to see teenagers and
middleagers together learning about history from a woman's standpoint.

jaycee said...

Yeap, just what you'd expect to see in a Quaker town like Smockville. Makes me sorry I got kicked out.

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