Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another Day Another Conference!

Past President June Reynolds (far left) poses with Michael, Ashley, Wick and Janet at the Oregon Community School Conference in Portland. "We presented an hour and a half workshop on how to combine new and old photographs as a historical learning service project." says June.


Anonymous said...

I have seen lots of digging going on in Sherwood. Why is it that everywhere you dig there are crumbled brick bits or whole bricks laying around in the dirt?

jaycee said...

Ah yes. After the famous brick yard closed in 1896, our town fathers decided to use the unsold product to pave the streets with. This went on well into 1920s. According to an observer at the times, "The streets looked pretty nice until the first wagon went over them. Then they got all torn up and the streets were harder to travel than before."

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