Sunday, April 29, 2007

Alto's Gasoline Engines Show

Historians June and Clyde divide their time between analyzing a Sherwood artifact (in this case, a property abstract that goes all the way back to President Grant's administration) and playing another old time song. The information being presented in this photograph roused great interest from the banjo picker. It contained quite a few details about a land fraud case that his grandparents got involved in the year they came to Sherwood, in 1892. "I knew they had to send back to Michigan for more money." he said, "But this tells me a lot more. I'd never got close to this information if it hadn't been for the Sherwood Historical Society."

No matter how hard our historian/musicians played, the antique gasoline powered bubble machine stole the show again this year.


Lilly Morgen said...

That's Tom Pettijohn plunking down a piece of histoy on my lap!!!!

Sherwood said...

And that's Little John plunking his banjo next to you!! (Or was it Friar Tuck?)

Lilly Morgen said...

We went on the piece of property Thursday with the History of Sherwood class. It is a fascinating landscape, carved out by the Bretz Flood and two forks of Chicken Creek. The site of the old house was on a bench of land overlooking a wetland.

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