Wednesday, June 01, 2005

More About the Sherwood Gunfight!

Was the loser of the Williams - Fields gunfight betrayed by his own wife? Today's interview with the descendents of George E. Williams (1870-1892) revealed little about the famous duel, but did deepen the mystery considerably. According to the family matriarch, Viola Tainio, George's wife, Mary Elizabeth (seen at right), may have emptied George's six shooter of bullets before he went to town to challenge Alvie Fields. No one knows what the argument was about, but Fields was tried and ruled innocent in a court of law. Prominent members of the Williams clan are to be found on both sides of the law. George's father and grandfather were highly respected attorneys. George's son, Richard Congle Williams, reached a high position in the Oregon State Police.

The Williams family album is loaded with photographs that have real artistic merit, in addition to their historic value.

Williams Family at Play on Future Wildlife Refuge Site. Circa 1918


Lilly Morgen said...

I have a question. How old was Williams when he was shot and how old was Alvie Fields? From the look of Alvie in the Sherwood School photo, Alvie could not have been too old.

jaycee said...

George's dates are 1870-1892... so he was only twenty two years of age. Very sad.

Lilly Morgen said...

I have a thought--
The Wildlife Refuge should have a Williams display in their interpretive center.

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