Thursday, May 26, 2005

110 Years Ago Today

"A communication was received from J.C.Smock stating his reasons for signing a liquor license in the town of Sherwood, and that if it was inconsistent with the discipline of the Church he asked to be released from membership-- his resignation was accepted."

--Middleton Friends Church Minutes, May 26,1895. (By a tragic coincidence, the entire business district burned to the ground less than one week later, on June 1, 1895.)


Mrs. Jewett said...

Prohibition was the hot topic among time travelers this week at the 1st Annual Time Travelers convention at MIT. Both Lilly Morgen and Mr. Smock were there to see if Prohibition helped America. "I see that Americans are as compulsive as ever." stated Lilly Morgen. "However the compulsive behavior now has expanded to medication, food, and a curious behavior of "shopping" as well. Consumption has become an American tradition!"

jaycee said...

Prohibition created a whole new problem for small town America: The property tax. Thank God America finally wised up by the end of the 20th Century. Gaming (AKA legalized gambling)is back bigger than ever.

Mrs. Jewett said...

....And gambling is supposed to be an improvement?

jaycee said...

Well not that big of an improvement I guess.

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